[The English version follows the Chinese one.]







(一) 堂區及附屬小堂繼續暫停舉行公開彌撒,亦須暫停其他形式的團體宗教活動,但婚禮及殯葬禮除外。

(二) 堂區聖堂及轄下小堂繼續開放,供個別信友私人祈禱、私人拜苦路、朝拜聖體及定期的明供聖體。

(三) 信友可採用下列方式替代參與主日彌撒的本份──

a. 觀看任何網上直播或重温的主日彌撒(如教區網站 catholic.org.hk 及公教報網站https://medium.com/@kungkaopo/2020天主教防疫牧民資訊-公教報-b5735e2cd4ef)及神領聖體;或

b. 反省主日彌撒經文、閱讀聖經或誦念玫瑰經。

(四) 信友可善用網上服務,例如網上平日彌撒、信仰培育資訊、四旬期善工及其他神業,如晨禱、玫瑰經、三鐘經等(參見以上網站) 。

(五) 通常教會鼓勵信友在四旬期妥當辦告解,以改過遷善。然而,在目前疫情嚴峻期間,有些信友或會感到前去辦告解會有風險,但若他們誠意渴望領修和聖事,並勉力履行祈禱、克己及愛德善工,便可視為滿全四旬期悔改皈依的本份。




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As the number of confirmed cases of the Covid-19 infection continues to grow and our local community is making every effort to contain the viral outbreak, Cardinal John TONG, after consultation with medical professionals, has decided to adopt the following precautionary measures and related recommendations until further notice:

1. Public Masses are to be further suspended. Other communal religious activities, with the exception of weddings and funerals, are to be suspended as well.

2. Parochial churches and affiliated chapels remain open for personal prayers, Way of the Cross performed individually, visits to the Blessed Sacraments and the regular exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

3. The faithful may choose one of the following alternatives to attending Sunday Mass:

a. Taking part in a Sunday Mass online (e.g., through the diocesan website catholic.org.hk and the facebook link of Sunday Examiner  https://www.facebook.com/Sunday-Examiner-609821205700415/ ) and receiving Holy Communion spiritually; OR

b. Reflecting on the Sunday liturgical text, reading the Bible or saying the Rosary, etc.

4. The faithful can avail themselves of various online services, such as daily Masses, formation programmes, Lenten works of penance and piety, as well as other spiritual exercises, such as daily morning prayer, Rosary and Angelus, by visiting the above-mentioned websites.

5. Normally, the Church encourages the faithful to go to confession during Lent in order to renew themselves. Nevertheless, under the present circumstances, some members of the faithful might find it risky to go to confession.  They can rest assured, however, that a genuine desire for receiving the sacrament of reconciliation, together with prayers and works of penance and charity, fulfils the Lenten obligation of repentance.

6. The faithful are urged to stay at home as far as possible and to avoid taking part in social gatherings or visiting crowded venues, so as to minimize the risks of human-to-human viral transmission. For the sake of the common good, they should keep personal and public hygiene.

Given at the Chancery Office,

24 February 2020.

Rev. Lawrence LEE